Sui Overflow Hackathon

Kriya DeFi Bounty


Kriya is currently one of the top DeFi protocols on Sui with a TVL > $50M. We currently offer swaps powered by liquidity from our own Uni-v2 AMM pools + multi-DEX router ; limit orders powered by Deepbook ; CLMM LP rebalancing vaults built on top of Cetus Uni-v3 pools ; 1-click LST leveraged looping strategies on Navi and Scallop Lending. We will soon be launching orderbook based 20x perps trading as well (currently on testnet)


  1. Kriya team will give a list of ideas, builders can choose a problem statement from the given list or can come up with their own idea

  2. For developers coming up with their own ideas, their project will be eligible for the Kriya bounty if it uses one of our mainnet smart contracts (spot-dex, vaults etc.) or is a web2 feature / infra / tooling that improves UX and impact Kriya's business metrics directly (broadly TVL / Volume)

  3. Winners will be selected by Kriya's Core Engineers. Total 5 winning developers / teams will be selected.

  4. Projects will be judged broadly on : how impactful is the chosen problem statement (to Kriya and Sui DeFi broadly) ? how creative is the solution ? how holistic / accurate is the execution (move code implementation / UI MVP) ?


  • First - 3000 USD

  • Second - 2000 USD

  • Third - 1500 USD

  • Fourth - 1000 USD

  • Fifth - 500 USD

+ 2000 USD worth of merch / gifts for all OG participants who couldn't make it to the top 5

Recommended Ideas by the Kriya Team

  1. Build a vault that accepts user deposits and uses the TVL to run orderbook market making bots on Deepbook's spot SUI-USDC pair and generate yield for vault depositors. Examples of some opensource market making algorithms : link-1 ; link-2 ; link-3 [the main challenge here is not the strategy but tokenizing the orderbook LP strategy via a vault]

  2. Kriya currently offers a UI to create a token (link) and create a pool permissionlessly (link), one idea could be to create a coin and automatically list it on a bonding curve. Users can buy sell on the bonding curve until it reaches a certain market cap. Once achieved, the memecoin and SUI are both LP'd on Kriya, the LP is burnt and the token starts trading on the AMM pool. Something like on Solana / Blast

  3. Build a DCA vault on top of the Kriya AMM / multi-DEX Router (execute x orders to buy or sell an asset y times, every z minutes / seconds / days) - Extra points to developers who build more advanced pricing strategies / execution algorithms (example)

  4. Build a visualisation-heavy dashboard to track performance of Kriya's CLMM Vaults (kamino's info and analytics is a good example)

  5. Kriya's CLMM Vaults give users fungible tokens that represent their share of investment in the vault (example vault token) Build a lending pool, where users can deposit collateral and borrow vault tokens at a better LTV compared to borrowing just USDC / USDT [challenge here is coming with a formula for SUI vs Vault Token LTV and then building the infra to liquidate a vault token position]

  6. Build a telegram bot using the Kriya spot SDK, Kriya vault SDK which allows users to create a wallet, view their Kriya portfolio, swap, add LP, remove LP, stake LP in farm, deposit in CLMM vault, withdraw from CLMM vault, all through telegram and Kriya smart contracts, without even accessing UI even once [Bonus points for bots which give alerts for - new pool creations, >5/10% price spikes, follow-wallet features etc.]

  7. Build A loss-less lottery mechanism for Kriya LPs. All LPs can choose whether to participate or not. For all LPs who participate, a % of their claimed reward goes to a lottery pool. And they get lottery tickets proportional to their LP size and duration. Every day or every week this lottery is executed on chain and luck LPs get extra yield while some LPs only get principle capital - something like PoolTogether for stakers [we're open to more small gamification ideas that make basic finance fun and engaging]

  8. P2P encrypted chat and block trading / auction platform [Users can raise on-chain intent for buying / selling any Sui Objects (1 or many tokens; 1 or many NFTs) and can negotiate with other whales on chain till a deal is finalised. All parties submit collateral for a valid bid or ask quote]

  9. A simple UI to track cross DEX price arbitrage opportunities across top Sui spot DEXs and 1-click execution via Scallop or Navi flashloans (example)

  10. P2P NFT lending platform with time based liquidation (example)

How to proceed / Next Steps:

  1. Make sure to Register for Sui Overflow when it opens on April 21st.

  2. Join the Kriya Discord (tag defi_yogi / rajwanshi.sui on your doubts)

  3. Some problem statements might require our guidance / access to better SDKs (mailto: if you're picking up one of the recommended ideas. Do send your github profile attached in the mail as well; will be easy for us to share access of the relevant repos)

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