CLMM LP Optimizer Vaults

Provide liquidity to DeFi protocols in a single click, improve efficiency of your capital with auto-rebalancing and auto-compounding

The goal of Kriya’s CLMM LP Optimizer Vaults is:

  1. Sophisticated Active LP Management: Kriya's CLMM vaults employ advanced strategies for managing liquidity provider (LP) positions, ensuring optimal performance and adaptation to changing market conditions.

  2. Auto-Rebalancing: The vaults automatically rebalance LP positions based on market conditions, which helps minimize impermanent loss and maintain an efficient allocation of assets.

  3. Auto-Compounding Yields: Kriya's CLMM vaults periodically compound yields, enabling users to maximize their returns through the power of compound interest.

By employing these strategies, Kriya aims to boost capital efficiency for users, ensuring their assets generate optimal returns while minimizing risks associated with impermanent loss.

We've launched two one of a kind vaults on SUI - Cetus CLMM LP Optimizer vaults tailored to different risk appetites: the All-Weather Vault with a 5% trigger and a ±20% rebalance range, and the Degen Mode Vault featuring a 2% trigger and a narrower ±5% rebalance range.

Read how the strategy works here.

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