Suinami LP Campaign

Introducing a unique staking mechanism to boost LP yield

Suinami LP Campaign is a weekly $SUI emissions based campaign where users who provide liquidity on KriyaDEX earn higher yield. Users will earn SUI tokens based on the share of their LP position in the overall pool. Random snapshots of positions are taken every 2hrs and rewards are made claimable for the user. At the end of the weekly epoch the reward pool maybe topped up with more $SUI tokens based on the community participation

Suinami Liquidity Campaign offers:

  • Higher APYs

  • Large number of eligible pools

  • Upto 8x APY multipliers to LPs who commit / stake their liquidity for a longer duration

Campaign details:

  • Currently, $1M+ worth of SUI tokens are being distributed to our LPs over the next 2 weeks

  • Users must stake their LP tokens to be eligible for Suinami pool APYs, and can choose between flexible and locked staking. Locking LP for will multiply ones LP weight by the number of weeks, 4 week lockup = 4x APY

Users must stake their LP position within a staking contract to be eligible to earn rewards. There is no-lock in if you choose 'flexible' mode.

We have also introduced a new card for the Suinami 2.0 Campaign on our Rewards page -

Users can claim all rewards earned across all eligible pools with a single-click

To understand it in more detail, go through our Suinami Campaign blogs below:

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