Swap Fee Structure

Currently, there are 2 fee configurations on KriyaSwap

  • For Uncorrelated Pairs - 0.2% charged in deposit token

  • For Stableswap - 0.01% charged in deposit token

Order Routing fee is 0 for the first few months!

The Fee Switch

By default, 2/3rd of the charged fee goes to LPs, and 1/3rd goes to the protocol treasury. Some whitelisted LPs can get 100% fee depending on stable liquidity commits in the initial months of the protocol.

Yield realization

2/3rd of the total fee generated from every trade is put back into the LP pool where it accrues. LPs realize yield when they redeem their LP tokens. Their share of fee is calculated on the fly basis the number of LP tokens they hold vs the total supply. LP tokens are then burned and (initial capital + accumulated fee) is sent in the form of the pool's individual asset tokens. Pro Trading Fee (Configured by Deepbook) https://docs.sui-deepbook.com/deepbook-fee-structure

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