Why Sui?

  • Move is More Secure: Asset ownership based architecture prevents re-entrancy attacks by design.

  • High TPS, Low TTF, Cheap Gas: Sui's DAG based consensus mechanism allows for 100k+ TPS. Parallelized execution and horizontal scaling capability prevents spike in txn costs even during surge events, making Sui one of the few chains where a fully on-chain matching engine is actually practical.

  • Superior On-chain Tooling: ZkLogin allows for on-chain wallet creation & management via Google login. Gas sponsorship mechanism is implemented at chain level, making onboarding significantly easy.

  • Opportunity to Build Liquidity ground-up: Being a new non-EVM layer 1 ecosystem, Sui DeFi had to bootstrap all foundational primitives from 0. Being early builders in the ecosystem helped us experience this growth first-hand. Kriya's spot AMM has $60M+ TVL, we have strong relationships with existing DEXs, lending protocols, CDPs and are well positioned to quickly ship product integrations during market euphoria.

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