Get funds on SUI

The first step before exploring any DeFi ecosystem is to transfer funds to the target chain where your favorite DApps reside.. Kriya offers multiple solutions to get your funds to Sui.

We provide the following solutions to our users -

  1. In-app Bridge: Powered by Wormhole Connect, our in-app bridge simplifies the process of transferring funds in and out of the Sui blockchain. (P.S, we are super thrilled to have facilitated our users to use wormhole and qualify for their first airdrop :P)

  2. Direct Withdrawals from Centralized Exchanges: Enjoy the convenience of withdrawing funds directly from a centralized exchange to your preferred Sui-based wallet.

  3. Fiat-to-Sui Purchases: Kriya supports direct Sui purchases using your local currency. We've partnered with Transak, a leading and secure platform in the industry, to make this possible.

  4. Heroswap Integration: Bridge and swap tokens from the source chain to Sui through Heroswap, allowing you to obtain $SUI on the Sui chain directly.

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