P2P escrow from Eth (Heroswap)

Kriya has partnered with Heroswap to bring you seamless P2P escrowing tokens from the source chain to Sui, allowing you to obtain $SUI on the Sui chain directly.

Get setup on Sui bridging funds via Heroswap -

  • Head over to Kriya's homepage to access the dApp and click on the β€˜Bridge’ tab.

  • Select 'Heroswap' from the dropdown to navigate to the in-app Heroswap portal.

  • Select the source and destination chain coins. Enter your Sui wallet address under 'Select Recipient'.

  • In the third step, deposit token in the escrow account as mentioned below. In this example, we will send 'ETH' to the following address mentioned.

  • After sending ETH, click on refresh button and 'deposit' will be detected following which you will receive $SUI in your Sui wallet.

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