Limit Order

Powered by Deepbook, Sui's native on-chain limit orderbook

The pro trading section on KriyaDEX is meant for seasoned traders who want to trade big sizes with more granular flexibility in execution price. It allows users to place on-chain limit orders as well as access candlestick charts in multiple timeframes.

Currently 5 pairs are listed in the pro trading section


  • SUI / USDC



  • FUD / SUI

To place a limit order on Kriya, follow these steps:

  • Select the token pair and specify the amount of tokens and the price you want to buy / sell at.

  • Once you've confirmed the transaction details, click on 'Place Order' button. Your browser wallet will show a pop-up. All you need to do is confirm the transaction and you're order is placed!

  • Once the orders is matched, the target asset is credited into the user's custodial account.

Market orders are settled instantly as long as the orderbook is not empty. When a user opens a limit order, funds go into a custodial account (managed by the Deepbook integrator protocol, ie KriyaDEX in this case).

If you're a frequent trader, better to keep funds in the custodial account and place more orders using the same capital. Else, head to the 'custodial account' tab and click on 'withdraw' button to redeem funds from your custodial account.

In terms of trading fee, Deepbook currently is a cheaper option. Maker orders ie Limit Orders current get a 25bps fee rebate on every trade

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