Withdraw from CEX (Cede Store)

Kriya has partnered with Cede to support direct withdrawals from centralized exchange to Sui wallet.

So what exactly is cede.store?

  • Cede.store is non-custodial, your API keys are stored on your computer

  • Cede.store will never have access to your funds

  • Every transaction requires your explicit initiation and your approval

  • If you uninstall cede.store, all your funds are still safe on your Centralized Exchange account

Now that we understand cede.store better, let's move ahead and understand how to transfer funds from CEX via cede.

Here's a glimpse of the interface.

Get setup on Sui and deposit funds on Sui via the Cede extension. Follow the steps mentioned below -

  1. Head over to 'Bridge' and select 'Transfer from CEX' from the dropdown. It will navigate you to the screen shown above.

  2. Click on 'Connect to cede.store' and this will nudge you to install the cede chrome extension (unless already installed).

  3. After you install the chrome extension, it will ask you to setup a password for the Cede vault.

  4. In the next step, it will ask you to select the CEX you want to transfer funds from. For the sake of this example, I've chosen Binance.

  • The API needs to be given various levels of access depending on your requirements. Over here, we will give the API access to withdraw funds.

  • As next steps, you will have to setup your Read API key on your Binance account. Head over to your Binance account and over to your API management page. You can find it under the 'Others' section.

  • Create an API key with a custom name by clicking on the yellow button “Create API” and selecting “System Generated”.

  • Hit “Edit restrictions” and set all the following permissions:

  • Save the changes. Once the API keys are generated, copy & paste the Key into the “Public API Key” and the “Secret Key” into the “Private API Key” section on left part of your screen.

  • After setting up your read and withdraw keys, you will have connected your CEX successfully and it will navigate you back to Kriya's app.

  • On Kriya's app, add in the relevant details, connect your Sui wallet and seamlessly transfer funds from your favourite CEX to Sui.

You can watch a quick video tutorial here:

Head over to Kriya's app: https://www.app.kriya.finance/bridge/cede and start bridging today.

Welcome to Sui!

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