Chakra Season 1 🧘‍♂️

We are delighted to announce KriyaDEX’s first liquidity mining program known as the ‘Chakra’ campaign. Through this campaign, we will be distributing 1,000,000 $KRIYA tokens to our users, which will be unlocked at the time of our token launch (TGE).


  • Add sustained liquidity and swap on KriyaDEX to build and increase your score

  • The more your score, the more your est. $KRIYA rewards.

  • Your score’ relative ranking determines your Chakra tier. Unlock Chakras and boost your score. Higher Chakra tiers are eligible for airdrops, WL & more.

  • Unlock all the Chakras to become eligible for a unique NFT offering tangible utility on our whole product suite.

The Chakra Campaign enables users to earn $KRIYA (KriyaDEX’s token) as well as WL opportunities in the KriyaDEX IDO based on their Chakra Level.

Below is the Season 1 dashboard you can access at :

Read on to learn how to participate and earn these token rewards:

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