What is Kriya?

Kriya is building institutional-grade infra to interact with Sui DeFi.

Our Thesis

  • As web3 adoption grows, market for digital assets will mature

  • With maturity comes institutional demand

Why Institutions don't interact with DeFi

  • Costly: High Gas Fee

  • Slow: High Latency

  • Low ROCE: Capital Inefficiency, inaccurate price discovery

  • DeFi learning curve: Poor UX, long onboarding

Our solution: the Kriya Suite

The Kriya Suite is a vertically integrated range of DeFi products meant to aggregate liquidity in a new ecosystem, enhance capital efficiency and offer CeFi comparable UX to institutions and whales.

We believe sustainable liquidity is built ground up from low beta, linear products to high beta, asymmetric, under-collateralized derivative products

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