Kriya offers an in-app bridge powered by Wormhole Connect that helps you seamlessly bridge funds in and out of the Sui blockchain. Here's a glimpse of the interface.

Get setup on Sui bridging funds via the wormhole bridge -

  • Head over to to access the dApp and click on the ‘Bridge’ tab.

  • Select 'Wormhole' from the dropdown to navigate to the in-app wormhole bridge.

  • Select the source chain from where you will be sending the funds and connect your source wallet.

  • Select Sui as the destination chain (obviously) and then select the asset you want to bridge.

    Note: the Kriya bridge is built on Wormhole and can only support assets supported by the Wormhole bridge

  • Next, connect your Sui wallet (destination wallet). You can pick between multiple supported wallets such as Sui, MSafe, Martian Sui, etc.

  • Enter the amount of token to be bridged and click on ‘Approve and proceed with transaction’. This will prompt a txn in your destination wallet and source wallet which you will need to sign from both your wallets. Wait until the txn is confirmed and you can check the progress on our UI.

That's it, just wait for the deposit to reflect in your Sui wallet and start your journey on Sui DeFi. Click here to bridge funds to Sui Mainnet and begin your DeFi journey today!

Alternatively, you can also select 'Celer' from the dropdown to navigate to Celer Bridge's own website and move funds to Sui.

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