Galxe and Zealy


In April 2023, we launched our Zealy space and have been overwhelmed by the tremendous support from our community.

  • For all the users who earned more than 1000 XP in the first 3 weeks, we’ve assigned them the #mainnet-maniac role on our discord server 🏆

  • The top 10 users on the Road-to-Mainnet sprint will each be rewarded 50 USD worth of rewards

  • We will take another snapshot of the all-time leaderboard on 1st June 2023, the top 10 users in that will also be given 50 USD worth of rewards each

  • For the users who tested our bridge on day 1 (day1-bridgooors sprint), we organized a hefty raffle among the top 100. Congrats to the user who won the 3000 USDT reward! 🤑

Over the past year, we've had over 1200 wallets participating in our Zealy quests, completing more than 75 quests hosted on the platform.

With this, we conclude our Zealy quests and prepare to reward our early supporters with incentives.


With every good thing coming to an end, they say another one begins. We're excited to announce the launch of our very own Galxe space. Don't forget to follow us on Galxe for exciting new quests coming soon. Thank you for your continued support!

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