Sui Sniffer

Introducing Kriya's Sui Sniffer - a tool designed to analyze tokens and assign a safety score within the Sui ecosystem. It is a one of a kind product empowering investors and traders with a reliable and accurate assessment of a token's safety and credibility, setting a new standard for secure crypto transactions.

What are the safety checks used by Sui Sniffer?

  • Mintable: If a token is mintable, means its supply isnt fixed. Creator can increase it anytime. This is verified by tracking the ownership of the token treasury cap on-chain

  • Ownership Renounced: Verifies if the UpgradeCap is burnt and the token owner has renounced ownership

  • Contract Upgradeable: Verifies if the code under the hood is immutable, confirms if CoinMetaData is frozen and ticker etc. won’t change

  • LP Burnt: Verifies if the initial liquidity provided has been sent to a null address or has been transferred to a doxxed community wallet for safekeeping

  • Sufficient Liquidity: If a token has <5k USD in its primarily liqudity pool, it is not possible to swap even small amount without major slippage. >20k USD LP is our benchmark for sufficient liquidity

Here's what Sam, CTO of Mysten Labs (Team behind Sui Network) has to say about our Sui Sniffer:

If you want to get your token verified on our Sniffer, raise a ticket here in Discord.

Next time you are about to ape a coin on Sui, do remember to check out our Sniffer.

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