Strat Tutorial

Follow the steps below to invest in 1-click Automation Strats -

  1. Head to Kriya App.

  2. To create a position or increase the leverage of an existing position, click on the ‘Leverage’ Button.

  3. A side pane opens up, you can input initial supply amount, target leverage and that’s it you’re good to go. Make sure check your account’s initial and resultant supplied/borrowed ratio before finalising the transaction.

  4. Additionally, users who enable the ‘Swap and Farm $KRIYA’ option will have some swaps included in their batched txn helping them earn points in Kriya’s Chakra Campaigns (valid only during times where any of the Chakra Campaigns are live)

  5. Similar to leveraging, users who already have a leveraged position can also deleverage their position back to 1x via Kriya

Below is a video tutorial for easy understanding. The user starts with no initial position, supplies 10 SUI, creates a 2x leveraged position, and deleverages it back to 1.

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