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wen $KRIYA?

We recently released our roadmap and tentative tokenomics in our community update
Below is a brief summary of $KRIYA Tokenomics→
Total token supply = 100,000,000 $KRIYA
The ongoing 1,000,000 $KRIYA tokens (1% of supply) being disbursed as part of the Chakra Campaign Season 1 come from the 40.7% allocation to Protocol Rewards. These fund will be used in incetivizing liquidity on all KriyaDEX products (spot, perpetuals and options)
Ecosystem funds are for grants for projects building on top of KriyaDEX (yield vaults, MM bots), users building community Dune Dashboards, helping expand SDKs beyond Typescript etc.
Treasury will be used to fund day to day operations of the DAO as well as token buybacks to share growing protocol fee income with $KRIYA holders